Skin Homeostasis, Fibrosis and Carcinogenesis

Dr. rer. nat. Verena Lorenz

Our research group focuses on intra- and intercellular mechanisms mediating skin homeostasis, fibrosis and epithelial carcinogenesis. With this, we aim to identify new molecular targets in tumor and fibrosis therapy. We are specifically interested in

Skin Fibrosis and Tumorgeneity
  • Fibrotic Activation Patterns
  • Cytoskeleton and Adhesion Dynamics
  • Convergent Signaling Pathways/Mediators (e.g. NF-ĸB)
  • Cell Cycle Regulation
  • Stromal Cell Relevance
  • Crosstalk of Stromal and Tumor Cells (2D & 3D Model Systems)
  • Mechanisms driving Tumor Invasiveness
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Lab Members:

  • Verena Lorenz, Group Leader
  • Teresa Bokern, Doctoral Candidate (Promotionskolleg)
  • Julia Lenger, Master Student Molecular Medicine
  • Lisa Wörschhauser, Doctoral Candidate
  • Dinah Größer, Technician
  • Lara-Carolina Micus, Doctoral Candidate

Alumni and former lab members:

  • Dr. med. Franziska Susanne Trautschold-Krause
  • Anna-Lena Jelit
  • Silja Köchy, Technical Assistance
  • Dr. med. Marie Lüders


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Dr. rer. nat. Verena Lorenz

Dr. rer. nat. Verena Lorenz


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