Calcium signaling in skin physiology and pathology

Dr. med. Hedwig Stanisz-Bogeski

Calcium is one of the most important regulators of skin function. The tightly controlled calcium gradient within the epidermis is essential for proper keratinocyte differentiation and thereby skin physiology. In addition to extracellular-, intracellular calcium signals are also essential determinants of skin cell biology. Accordingly, disturbances in calcium signaling lead to a number of skin pathologies.

In the past we have found that STIM-gated Orai calcium channels control the store-operated calcium entry (SOCE) and melanin synthesis in primary human melanocytes. Moreover, we have demonstrated that STIM and Orai control melanoma growth and metastatic spread. Furthermore, we have found that calcium transfer between ER and mitochondria determines melanoma aggressive behavior.

Our research goals focus on understanding the role of calcium-controlled molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways in skin physiology as well as in pathological conditions such as Morbus Hailey–Hailey, Morbus Darier and melanoma. Moreover, we are interested in understanding the role of calcium and redox signaling in immune cell-based anti-cancer therapies.  


  • Anna Gunia, Doctoral student
  • Meike Schraffinski, TA
  • Anna Wölling, Doctoral student



Dr. med. Hedwig Stanisz-Bogeski

Dr. med. Hedwig Stanisz-Bogeski


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